My passion for writing flared to life when my 5th grade teacher taught me the power of the written word. Since then, I’ve filled my days with stories, while somehow finding the time to receive my MFA this past May. I am a DC comic loving, MarioBros. obsessed, self-proclaimed comedian suffering from a very bad—or would it be considered good?—case of wanderlust.

I am the founding editor of Twist In Time Literary Magazine and an associate editor and the graphics designer for Rhythm & Bones Literary Magazine. I co-host the Dear World, Love History podcast with my sister, and we’re currently working on a few different screenplays – TV, movies, podcast dramas, you name it!

When I’m not working on one of the many projects above or my novel – where do I find the time? – I’m spoiling my puppies, losing my pens, and planning my next worldly adventure.