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Anne Frank: Jewish. And Human.

published in Moonchild Magazine, Issue 5

A bundle of contradictions
split in two
one side
the other one
                        much purer
only half of what is known
beat her down
           hide her
                      will discover
she’s disappeared
against a more powerful enemy
voice within
keep trying
find a way
if only
            there were no other
            people in the world

This is a found poem.
Source: Anne Frank’s final diary entry in Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

Tin Woman

published in Brave Voices Mag, Issue 1

Dismantle me.
Replace my organs
with mechanical parts.
Oil the gears
so they move
like the hands of a clock.
Tick, tock—
Meeting expectations.
Tighten the bolts,
constrict my movement,
and place me on a shelf
where I can be seen
but not heard.
Fiddle and tweak
until I’m just right—
original parts disposed.

“If only you had a heart.”

I am what you made me.


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